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Remembering Aunt Miriam

Aunt Miriam with my mom and her cousin when they were kids.

Aunt Miriam with my mom and her cousin when they were kids.

She was my great-great-aunt.  I don’t remember a whole lot about her, personally.  I was just a child when she died, but I know her by her legacy—a kind, noble Christian woman who lived her life for Christ and left fond memories for the people she left behind.  For this post, I interviewed some of those people and here’s what they had to say.

Remembering Aunt Miriam

When asked what the most important thing was that they learned from Aunt Miriam, the family had some great responses.

“Obedience to Christ” was my grandfather’s answer while my mom said that it was, “To be kind and have a gentleness.”

My father’s answer?  “Faithfulness in the face of adversity”.

My grandpa said that the thing he admired most about her was “Her desire to serve Christ”.

Chris said, “Her gentleness and Christian influence.”

Steve’s answer was “Her commitment to stand for God everyday of her life”.

My Grandpa, who Aunt Miriam nicknamed Punky (I’m sure he’s glad I shared that with the world!), said that his favorite memory of Aunt Miriam was her love for Jesus.

Aunt Miriam with Billy the Bull

Aunt Miriam with Billy the Bull

Both Chris and Steve fondly recalled Aunt Miriam feeding my mom’s little, pet bull, Billy (pictured right).  You’ve got to admire a woman who will feed a bull, right?  Even if it is three feet tall and named Billy!

Aunt Miriam wasn’t rich and famous.  She never won a Pulitzer, never appeared on Oprah or had her own reality show.  She never wrote a bestseller or made a Nobel-worthy scientific discovery, but her accomplishments in life, though perhaps not regarded as noteworthy by some, may be the most important ones that can be achieved in earthly life.

Chris stated that, in her opinion, Aunt Miriam’s greatest accomplishment was, “Loving little children and teaching them about Jesus.”

Steve said it was, “Her marriage to God instead of a human husband” (since Aunt Miriam never married).

Steve also said that the most memorable thing she ever said to him was to “Stand firm and hold on to what [really] matters in life”.

As you can see, Aunt Miriam’s life didn’t die when she passed away, but it lived on in a legacy, a legacy of faith, gentle strength, and encouragement.  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to live a life that leaves a legacy like that.

Thank you, Aunt Miriam, for living your faith and leaving behind such a wonderful legacy for others to remember and aspire to.  May you laugh and sing with the angels and may your legacy continue to live on.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Aunt Miriam

  1. Thank you so much Whit. That was a wonderful tribute to Aunt Miriam. She was for sure a missionary here as well as around the world. She has travelled to Israel, Haiti, Japan and several other places. She had a heart for the LORD and seeing people come to him. When she died her house was to be given for missionaries to use.

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